5 Perfect Ways to Spend Your Last Day of Vacation

October 31, 2019
Nakamanda Resort & Spa

For many of us, the worst part of a vacation is the thought of going home. Whether you’ve had a fantastic time at the beach or a relaxing stay at a lavish hotel, the last day is always a bummer. It’s a reminder that you’re returning to the real world and all of the daily drudgery that comes with it.

The end-of-vacation-blues are a real thing. They’re similar to the “Sunday Scaries”—that anxious feeling you get when you anticipate the incoming pressure of Monday. However, wallowing in separation anxiety on your last day is a waste of time. Instead, enjoy it and make the most of it! Here’s our advice on how you can banish those blues and savor the last moments of your wonderful vacation.

1. Get a massage

When planning for your trip’s itinerary, it’s understandable to want to experience everything the place has to offer. As they say, there’s so much to see and so little time. However, trying to squeeze in too many activities may lead to burning out. We suggest reserving the last day for just relaxation. Why not get a spa treatment or an in-room massage? As your therapists work those tired muscles, close your eyes and meditate. Say a little prayer of thanks for the trip that you enjoyed and the positive vibes that are to come.

2. Catch the last sunset

Perhaps you haven’t had time to sit down and marvel at the town’s stunning sunsets. Now’s the best time to do so! Ask your hotel for the best viewpoint and head off before the golden hour. Bring a bottle of wine and some cheese to make your experience more romantic. Aside from being the perfect time for fantastic photos, watching the sunset is the perfect way to end and reflect on your trip.

3. Do a memorable activity

According to a recent study by the Wall Street Journal, there’s such a thing called the “recency effect.” Our brains tend to remember the last moments more than the beginning. To end your trip with a bang, do something memorable on your last day. Try an activity you’ve never done before or visit a highly rated restaurant for an unforgettable final food trip.

4. Go local

If you’ve packed your itinerary with the top things to do for tourists, it’s nice to spend a day going on the road less traveled. See the place from the locals’ viewpoint, eat at hole-in-the-wall diners, and get an authentic feel of the land. It’ll be a fond memory you’ll take back home.

5. Dry your wet clothes and pack your things

Yes, we’re telling you to do chores on your last day of supposed fun. Tidying up while on holiday may sound boring, but trust us—it’s going to save you a whole lot of stress at the checkout counter. Spend your final hours by drying your soiled swimsuits, towels, and undergarments. Drier things mean lower baggage fees. Additionally, coming home with an organized suitcase will lessen your post-vacation stress.

Endings aren’t always a sad thing. Shake off those last-day blues and make your final moments count! The conclusion of your trip means you’ve made incredible discoveries that will last a lifetime.

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