Four Flight Tips for a Comfortable Trip to Krabi

August 21, 2019
Nakamanda Resort & Spa

Traveling entails making do with what you have and leaving all the comforts of home behind. If you’re a travel junkie, chances are you’ve been taking a flight every now and then, and it isn’t as comfortable as others may think it is. But we’re sure that by now, you already have a few hacks up your sleeves to make your trip as comfortable as possible. If not, we’re here to help you out. Below are four essential tips that will make your flight fun, easy, and comfortable.


Get yourself comfortable


Unless you’re in first class, you may have to contend with narrow seats during the flight. There may not enough legroom, which means you can’t stretch, wiggle around, or be comfortable in a regular flight. Chances are there won’t be much to do, and you will get rather bored. Worse than boredom is the discomfort, seeing as the trip can go from bad to terrible if you don’t have enough legroom. However, that doesn’t mean you have to feel that way all throughout your flight.


You can improvise and do what you can to make yourself comfortable. How? One, you can ask for blankets or pillows as many airlines offer such things to their passengers if the flight is especially long. Second, you can pack a light jacket and a pair of fresh socks to combat chilly flights. Third, you can wear a pair of earplugs to tune out crying babies and loud people. These are just a few ways to make your flight more comfortable.


Consider alternative entertainment


Who says a flight has to be dull and boring? You’ve got plenty of time to do things that you would never otherwise do on the ground. After all, you’re going to be stuck in a flying metal contraption for a few hours, without access to the entertainment you would normally enjoy at home.


What can you do? Perhaps it’s time to read that book you started months ago and never finished. Not a reader? Pack an adult coloring book and colored pencils to fill in a few pages. If you enjoy writing, take the opportunity of no distractions to write an article or two. See how you can maximize your time while on the plane? There are plenty of ways you can do so. You just have to think!


Prepare your electronics ahead of time


Another important thing you can do is prepare your electronics. There’s no doubt that these devices make life a lot easier and more convenient. However, they can also be a big source of stress, especially if you forget your charger or break a wire.


What do you need to do? The first thing to remember is that it’s best to use the same type of charging cable for all your devices to minimize the items you have to pack. The second thing to remember is that you need to charge your devices before leaving. Consider bringing alternative power sources such as power banks as well. Third, try a connectivity service while you’re up in the air so you can get some work done, stream a movie, or get in touch with your loved ones.


Pack a refresh kit


Getting stuck in a plane for long hours can make you feel pretty gross. Nobody wants to shuffle into the arrivals hall feeling like they’ve just emerged from the depths of a swamp. Why not pack a refresh kit to freshen yourself up?


First, pack a small bag of all hygienic essentials that you need to bring. Second, brush your teeth or gargle with an oral wash to keep your breath fresh. Third, bring along a small bottle of face spray or moisturizer for your skin. Fourth, spritz on some cologne or perfume so that you smell good all throughout your flight.


Final Words


Just a few flight tips and simple preparations can make a world of difference in how much you enjoy your flight. The next time you get on a plane, don’t forget to make your flight more tolerable (or maybe even enjoyable) with these four tips!


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