6 Ways to Select the Best Family Resort Hotel – What to Know

September 30, 2019
Nakamanda Resort & Spa

Planning a family vacation means that you must consider more demands and preferences of each member. Coming up with an itinerary that everyone will like is a priority while security measures at the hotel also affect your decision.

Likewise, you must factor in the comfort of the young ones. Amenities come second to the family-friendliness of the resort. Babysitter services and baby gear rentals are an advantage. Here’s how you can find the perfect resort hotel for your family vacation.


1. Ask recommendations from fellow parents

While finding a list of ideal hotels is as easy as logging on to a travel website, you can narrow the search by asking fellow parents who have embarked on a family trip previously. Learn about the vacation they enjoyed the most and find out where they stayed. List down the pros and cons of the places they mention before deciding. Your budget will also be a major consideration on which accommodation to choose.


2. Travel sites can help

If the first-hand recommendations are not enough, hop on to websites that share itineraries for various budgets. Their articles feature comprehensive reviews of destinations around the world that the entire family will enjoy. is one of the most reliable websites for reviews because users share reviews about the hotels they have tried. They are honest in telling if a room is as big as advertised or if the comfort rooms are clean. It’s also where you can verify or debunk the hotel’s claim of being “walking distance” from the beach.


3. Learn about their babysitter services

There will be times when you and your partner will want to have lovely moments together without the kids. Perhaps you want to stroll on the beach or share light stories over dinner. If that’s the case, filter your selection to hotels that offer babysitting services. Ask the concerned personnel about the screening process for sitters and whether they have first aid certification. Clarify if you will pay them upfront or via your total bill. It’s best to spend some time with the babysitter before you leave to see how they treat your child personally.


4. Check for additional features and services

Young children do not have an idea about what they are doing all the time. That’s why it’s important to have a child-friendly room that does not have sharp edges. Hotels with safe cribs and crib mattresses are added benefits. Inquire if they have high chairs for toddlers or lifeguards at the pool and the beach. Round-the-clock laundry and room service are vital because your baby may wet their clothes in the wee hours.


5. Factor in the dining options

A hotel buffet is a fantastic option because the kids will have a wider food selection, especially with healthier options like fresh fruits. Ask if they accommodate special requests to follow diet restrictions, or if they have convenient dining hours to avoid the rush hour.


6. Select the right room

Ensure that the accommodation is spacious enough for the entire family. Likewise, it must cater to your family’s needs. Having a mini-fridge or a mini-bar are great additions to the room. Having a bathtub is great because it eliminates the need to bathe your child in the shower. Finally, a balcony is a nice area to spend time with your significant other while your child is sleeping.


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