4 Reasons to Pack Your Bags and Head Over to Krabi

September 30, 2019
Nakamanda Resort & Spa

Bali, Boracay, and Phuket are often the top options when it comes to beach destinations in Asia. It’s no wonder why they get crowded during peak season! If you’re seeking a more quiet, easy-going tropical beach destination, however, Krabi may be just what you’re looking for.

Krabi province has plenty to offer nature lovers. Spectacular beaches, turquoise sea, over a hundred offshore islands, lush mountains and so much more. Whether you prefer to lie on the beach all day or enjoy activities, Krabi has it all. There are amenities for rock climbing, sailing, kayaking and bird watching in this tropical retreat. If Bali is called the Island of Gods, then Krabi is just as blessed. Here are four reasons why you must visit this Thai sanctuary:


1. Aura and location

“Krabi’ means sword in Thai language. The place’s namesake was inspired by a folk tale wherein villagers found two ancient swords that were brought to the town governor. Believing it to be a good omen, the leader directed that both weapons be crossed and placed inside Khao Khanab Nam cave. That image is preserved in the two swords in the province’s emblem.

Krabi can be considered as the midpoint between Thailand and Malaysia. Aside from its proximity to Phuket, it is also close to the Langkawi archipelago wherein you can visit more ecotourism destinations. You can also hop on a road trip to Penang and roam around Georgetown and Gurney.

If you are looking for the ultimate road trip, however, why not drive from Krabi to Singapore for three to four days? Travel along Thailand’s Route 4 and Malaysia’s AH2 for about 1,163 kilometers and you will arrive at the hub of Southeast Asia. Make the most of the vacation by making stopovers at interesting attractions along the way. What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and embark on this exciting journey!


2. Accessibility to other parts of the kingdom

It’s easy to travel from Krabi to various parts of Thailand. You can book affordable flights to Bangkok or Northern Thailand online. You can also rent a car to any point in Thailand or ride a bus that fits the level of comfort you seek. While traveling by land takes longer, you can share limitless stories with your companions along the way. If you like to enjoy scenic views as you travel, the train is another attractive option.


3. Endless things to explore

Each of Krabi’s 154 islands holds a distinct charm. If you want to maximize your trip, however, start by visiting Krabi town. This is the commercial and transit hub of the province, where you can experience the local culture and never run out of dining, shopping, and roaming options to explore.

Aonang is also a popular tourist spot because of the vibrant beachfront area offering shopping, dining, bars and beach attractions. Though half an hour is all it takes to walk from one endpoint to another, the possibilities of having fun will always leave you pressed for more time.

Aside from the main tourist hub at Aonang, there are plenty of hideaway beaches to escape the crowds and relax. Klong Muang, Tubkaek Beach and Noppharat Thara Beach are just a few of the gorgeous white sand beaches you can enjoy in Krabi.


4. Vibrant festivals

Immerse yourself in local culture by planning a visit during one of Krabi’s festivals. First on the list is the Krabi Boek Fa Andaman which is held every November. This Indian-inspired celebration marks the peak season for tourists. Know more about Krabi’s rich history through cultural performances, parades, and seafaring competitions.

Meanwhile, the Loi Ruea Chao Le features the Sea Gypsies’ ceremony of letting float boats adrift to represent the driving away of misfortunes. This happens during the full moon of the 6th and 11th months of the Lunar Calendar which often coincides with May and October.

Since the sea is a major part of Krabi’s way of life, Loi Krathong is when locals gather flowers and incense into banana-leaf baskets as an offering for the River Goddess Ganga. Held every 25th of November, you can also take part in the celebration by releasing air lanterns instead.


5. A place you can call home in Krabi

It’s nice to stay in a resort wherein you can just relax after a tiring day. Perhaps, you want to pamper yourself with majestic views, comforting massages, and sumptuous meals after exploring what Krabi has to offer.

Consider this the first order of business when planning for your trip. However, aside from the amenities that the accommodation can offer, it’s best to find one with staff that offers heartfelt service. Your tiredness will be wiped away by their warm smiles and utmost hospitality.

If you’re looking to book a resort in Krabi, Nakamanda is your best option. Get in touch with us
today to see how we can help.

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