4 Essential Tips That Will Make Your Holiday Packing for Krabi Easier

October 14, 2019
Nakamanda Resort & Spa

Everything is going according to plan—the tickets are booked, the hotel is ready, and a whole list of things are written and prepared in an itinerary. What better way to kick off a girls-only trip to the beach? There’s no doubt that traveling to the beach with your BFFs is a priceless experience that will always be remembered until all the gals turn old and grey.

From swimsuit ideas to a tight budget for day drinking by the water, you want the prep plan for a girls’ beach holiday to work well. In the midst of the excitement, one thing that you must not overlook is packing your bags the best way possible.

The struggle of packing properly

Whether you might find it tolerable or absolutely hate it, packing is as necessary as buying a plane ticket for the beach trip itself. After all, how could you possibly enjoy the trip if you’re missing something?

Regardless of how early or how late you pack, there are various details to take into consideration. Check-in baggage weight limits, carry-on restrictions, and the desire to bring even more things on the trip with less space available can all make the process of packing harder.

Navigating these packing hurdles, however, is much easier than most people think. To make the most out of your limited space while bringing along everything that you need, here are a few packing tips to keep in mind:

1. Pack the right clothes for the occasion

Packing smart and traveling light is all about being practical with what you put in the bag. Going to a beach with your girlfriends means being exposed to higher temperatures, so bring only lighter clothes. If you need a coat or thick clothes because you’re coming from or stopping over somewhere cold, it’s much smarter to put them on during the flight to save on baggage space and weight.

2. Only bring what you won’t find at the destination

Most people tend to bring a whole lot of things that can be bought or found at the place that they’re going to anyway. Instead of bringing a bunch of bottles that are half-filled with shampoo and conditioner but still take up full-sized space, stick to bringing a toothbrush and sunblock only. Most hair care and sanitary items can be found at the destination, so pack light by only bringing items that you can’t find anywhere else.

3. Be realistic about what you need

Overpacking and other related problems start with a small incident that goes along the lines of “this would look great” or “maybe I will need it,” until a bag is stuffed senseless. You may think that you need 15 pieces of clothing and five or six pairs of shoes when in reality, you’ll only need six clothes and two pairs of shoes.

4. Put a list together

The only thing that’s worse than overpacking is not being able to pack the right items, forgetting about some travel essentials. Make a list of things that you need during the trip so you can double or triple-check to make sure that everything is packed in your bag.

Packing is a process that can suck the fun right out of waiting for a trip to the beach with the girls. There’s no need to panic, though, because the process is a lot easier to handle as long as you know what you’re doing. Remember these four tips so you can simplify the process as much as possible.

Once you are all packed and ready to go, be sure to head to the Nakamanda, a luxury beach hotel in Krabi to have your fun-filled holiday. Get in touch with us to book your stay!