4 Beautiful Places to Visit When In Krabi – Our Guide

January 6, 2020
Nakamanda Resort & Spa

Are you wondering what you can expect from nature when you visit Krabi? Well, you can expect to bring your camera, because there are just so many things that will leave you stunned and in awe at its natural beauty. Krabi is a world-renowned tourist destination, boasting natural attractions in the form of islands and forests, along with exciting activities such as caving and kayaking. Whatever you end up doing there, nature plays a huge role in the experience, and you can expect that it will be what you will remember the day your trip ends.

With that said, here are the four most beautiful places nature has in store for you in Krabi:

1. Maya Bay

Of all the beaches in Thailand, Maya Bay has to be the most popular one. Part of the Phi Phi Islands, Maya Bay is a true paradise—a beach surrounded by beautiful rock formation, vegetation, and sparkling turquoise waters. On one side, longtail boats decorated with all sorts of color rock in the waves, while the air is filled with the sounds of nature. Albeit the place is a little more crowded than in the past, Maya Bay has never lost its magic, casting bliss and awe to any of its visitors.

2. Klong Thom Hot Springs

Fancy a dip in the fountain of youth? Well, you won’t shave 20 years off your age when you dip in Klong Thom hot Springs, but it certainly feels like you just did. Its warm waters promise a relaxing dip alongside a myriad of health benefits for your body. If the going gets a little too hot for you, a cool and refreshing stream of water lies next to the springs, so you can cool off and relax there as well. The real reason you’re here, though, is for the surroundings—the vibrant green trees, the magnificent warm waters, and the relaxing sounds created by the waterfall—all adding life to the scene.

3. Koh Hong

Just off the coast of Krabi, Koh Hong is a small island often visited by tourists on tours. This beautiful island offers a stunning lagoon surrounded by white sand and towering limestone structures. Take a photo to show off to your friends that you’ve been to paradise and, more importantly, take a dip in the waters to fully immerse yourself in this remarkable experience. If you want to go on a little adventure, snorkeling is an activity you can participate there, allowing you to discover all the vibrant marine life that calls the island home.

4. Thung Teao Forest Natural Park

This beautiful park is a dream come true for any nature and photography lovers out there. It is famous for one thing, the emerald pool. In the middle of the forest, lies a clear, turquoise body of water, so clear in fact that you can see the floor. If you were to capture a photo of this place, you might mistake it for a digital render of an artist’s take of paradise. Stand there and smile, knowing that the place isn’t imagination, but that the paradise is real, and it lies in front of you.

Krabi holds plenty of treasures that are ready to be discovered by you. The beautiful islands, the stunning beaches, the awe-inspiring forests, and the warm hearts of the locals—there isn’t a reason you wouldn’t want to come here. With that said, whip out your camera, pack your swimsuits, and strap those shoes on. It is time to spend your next trip to the beautiful paradise that is Krabi. If you’re looking for a luxury resort in Krabi near the beach, get in touch with us today to book your stay!