3 Fun Beach Wedding Theme Ideas for a Memorable Occasion

February 17, 2020
Nakamanda Resort & Spa

Are you dreaming of having that perfect beach wedding? After all, beach weddings have much to offer, and the appeal of it is the most apparent one. From picturesque scenery and the refreshing sunshine and sea breezes to the rhythmic sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline and the casual and carefree vibe the beach brings, a coastal themed-event can make for a perfect big-day atmosphere.

Although sand and high winds can make the preparation quite challenging, saying your vows and exchanging “I do’s” in a stunning beach backdrop will make any planning stress and hassles all worth it. There is a myriad of options for including coastal elements into your big day, such as the following:


● Include a starfish in your bouquet and boutonnière.
● Skip the traditional flower bouquet ideas and opt for seashells instead.
● Incorporate loads of greenery, a teal ribbon, and white anemones to make for a dreamy beach-inspired bouquet.

Driftwood Centerpiece

● If you want to incorporate coastal elements on your theme, driftwoods make a perfect centerpiece. They will always be your go-to-piece of decoration for a beach wedding, adding to the nautical feel and look of your sea-inspired tablespace.
● Show off one piece of driftwood or build a collage, use scrap pieces, and put on them every table. Make one table unique and different, or you can set one specific theme for all tables.

Wedding Invitations

● Instead of ribbons, wrap your wedding invitation cards with a piece of twine or rope.
● Textured paper makes for a rusty, beach-chic feel.
● For save the dates, decorate with shells that guests will have to crack open or mail the invite in cute, small glass tubes to resemble a message in a bottle.

Choosing a theme for your beach wedding is crucial because it sets the mood for the preparation and the big day itself. Here are three wedding theme ideas to consider:

1. Flip Flop Beach Wedding

If you want to keep your big day casual, a flip flop themed wedding is worth considering. Provide beach kicks in all colors for the wedding party and include flip flops to your wedding favors.

2. Sea Shell Beach Wedding

Consider shells of all shapes, colors, and sizes on all your wedding decor and favor, from wedding invites to your bouquet, to the centerpiece and beverages. Serve your summer-inspired cocktails with stunning shell labels or create a centerpiece that includes an arrangement of sand with colorful daisies and white-washed seashells.

3. Nautical Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are no longer tied to the traditional ceremony at the beach. This is why you should broaden your horizon and be more adventurous by having your beach-themed wedding on a boat! Guests can explore the island, hunt for seashells, snorkel, or go diving as part of the post-wedding celebration. You can also add nautical themes on your wedding favors to make the event more memorable.

There are various ways to make your beach wedding as magnificent as possible. Be as creative as you can be; after all, it is your big day, and you will want to make it a day that is worth remembering for years to come. If you’re looking for a luxury resort in Krabi, get in touch with us today to book your stay!

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